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Clicker Gundog

Hunting Workshops in February 2024

Hunting Workshops in February 2024

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Saturdays, 9am to 4pm

Clicker Gundog Training Centre, Charlton, Worcestershire, WR10 3LQ

Book two hunting workshops for £180 (save £20). Discount will automatically be applied at checkout. Please ensure you have double-checked which breed is welcome on which date.

Any breed / level of experience is welcome to attend. Please make sure you choose the right date depending on which breed you have.

Want to practice your hunting skills with your gundog in a more challenging environment? With game scent present and the possibility of finding and flushing live game? 

Want to practice and or learn what patterns you should be encouraging your dog to repeat? 

Want to work on your steadiness and heel work with your retriever (e.g. labradors), hunting retriever (e.g. spaniels) or HPR (e.g. pointers and vizslas) in challenging situations and environments?

Then this workshop series is for you.

The workshops are split into HPR, HR and then all breeds (HPR, HR and Retrievers). Please make sure you book the correct date for your breed.

The workshop on the 10th of February is ONLY suitable for HR breeds (e.g. spaniels).

The workshop on the 17th of February is ONLY suitable for HPR breeds  (e.g. pointers and vizslas).

The workshop on the 24th of February is suitable for ALL BREEDS (including labradors, golden retrievers, etc.).

Shot / starter pistols will not be used on this workshop and no game will be shot as it is out of season. This is purely a hunting workshop to enable you to get to understand how your dog reacts in these environments.

Our hunting workshops are suitable for...

  • Gundogs of all age and abilities
  • Pet gundog owners who would like to better understand how to manage their dog when they are in hunt mode on a walk
  • Those looking to work their dogs in the field or want to go rough shooting
  • Those looking to participate in working tests or enter trials

Our hunting workshops will cover…

  • How to hunt with your gundog
  • Exposure to cover crops, woodland and open ground
  • Exposure to live game
  • How to read your dog and react accordingly
  • When, and how to use your whistle. Less is best!
  • Practicing your recall whistle with no pressure
  • Retrievers will also get to experience other dogs hunting and working in front of you while maintaining a line, along with walking up in cover crops, woodland, open ground and with live game