About Lynsey Moss

Lynsey is a dog trainer and veterinary physiotherapist, who has two English Springer Spaniels - Chester and Barnaby. 

Both are trained to work as beating dogs on shoots, Chester (now in semi-retirement from beating), still enjoys the occasional outing, whilst Barnaby beats alongside Lynsey regularly during the shooting season. 

Lynsey has been training dogs for 15 years, working dogs in the shooting field for 11 years and for the past 7 years has also trained owners of both 'pet' and 'working' dogs to varying levels, depending on their owners goals and ambitions. 


She is in the process of becoming a GTA accredited instructor, and also has an NOCN in Canine Training and Behaviour. 

After studying and graduating from Coventry University, gaining an honours degree in BSc (hons) Veterinary Physiotherapy, she enjoys working with clients to support their dogs' fitness and rehabilitation, using both land and hydrotherapy modalities. She is registered with the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists and the Animal Health Professionals Register. Lynsey now shares the benefits of fitness and physiotherapy, providing extra insights, to keep working gundogs fit and healthy. 


Together Lynsey and Chester have achieved Gundog Club Grades 1- 4, while Lynsey and Barnaby have completed grades 1-3 and are now working towards Grade 4 and his Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate.


Studying initially with Helen Phillips and together building 15 years of experience in positive reinforcement training, has given Lynsey so many valuable skills and knowledge which she enjoys sharing now, with those she is training. 

She attained CAP 1,2 & 3 with Learning About Dogs, and more recently, CAP 1 with the Gundog Trainers Academy. 


For Clicker Gundog Lynsey runs regular monthly training groups, workshops, Summer Camps, 121s and supports the training of the handlers working their dogs, when picking-up on the Clicker Gundog Shoot.