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Clicker Gundog

Barriers and Jumps Workshops with Lynsey

Barriers and Jumps Workshops with Lynsey

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Saturday, 1pm - 4pm
Clicker Gundog Training Centre, Charlton, Worcestershire, WR10 3LQ

While any breed / level of experience is welcome to attend, this workshop is strictly only for dogs who have finished growing. It is not suitable for puppies.

This workshop will look at how to teach your gundog to jump over fences and other barriers on cue.

If you’re planning on working your dog in the field, or want to participate in working tests and trials, you will need to train your gundog to navigate obstacles with and without retrieve articles in their mouths.

Some dogs are natural jumpers, and others are more cautious. Whichever gundog you have, it is important to teach both types how to tackle barriers and jumps in a safe manner.

Training will build confidence and enjoyment for those nervous jumpers. It will also reduce the long-term impact and risk of injury for the bold jumpers who tend to be too busy going 100mph to focus on the jump, resulting in poor takeoff and landing.

Our barriers and jumps workshop, led by Lynsey, is suitable for...

  • Mature dogs that have stopped growing and will not damage their growth plates by jumping
  • Gundogs working at all levels, excluding puppies and young dogs that are not yet fully grown
  • All breeds of gundog including retrievers, spaniels and HPRs
  • Pet gundog owners who would like to teach their dog to only jump over obstacles and boundaries (e.g. fences) on cue
  • Those looking to work their dogs in the field
  • Those looking to participate in working tests

Our barriers and jumps workshop will cover…

  • How to build confidence with young dogs
  • How to teach mature dogs to jump safely
  • How to retrieve over different types of obstacles
  • How and when to add the over cue and isolating this cue