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Clicker Gundog

Retriever Group

Retriever Group

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Sundays - 1pm to 4pm
Clicker Gundog Training Centre, Charlton, Worcestershire, WR10 3LQ

Book 3 Group Sessions for £200 (save £25).
Book 6 Group Sessions for £400 (save £50).
Book 9 Group Sessions for £600 (save £75).
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Suitable for handlers and dogs who have completed either the Foundation for Gundogs or the Graduate Foundation for Gundogs courses. If you have not trained with us before, please contact before booking this course.

Our Retriever group classes, led by Helen, are suitable for...

  • Progressive retriever breeds e.g. labradors, flatcoats, golden retrievers.
  • Any breed whose specific interest is in picking up or working on the peg.
  • Dogs who have completed our Foundation or Graduate Foundation for Gundog course.
  • Dogs which have passed their Gundog Club Grade 2 field assessment and/or are working towards Grade 3 and above.
  • Those looking to work their gundog in the shooting field.
  • Handlers looking to participate in working tests and trials.
  • Pet gundog owners who want to continue gundog training beyond the basics as a fun hobby and to give their dogs an outlet for their natural hunting desires.
  • Dogs who have been introduced to the sound of shot, and are not gun shy.

Our Retriever group classes are held monthly.

This gives you and your dog plenty of time to practice what you have learned in between sessions. The sessions are 3 hours long, so there is plenty covered.

Each month, the tasks will be set to the ability of the dogs and handlers in attendance. Group numbers are limited to 10 dogs and handlers.

This is a rolling course, there is no start or end date. If you are joining the course partway through the year, don't worry, our experienced teacher Helen will guide you and set the exercises to enable you and your dog to succeed.

Each month, the Retriever group classes will include a mixture of…

  • Progression in the topics covered in the Foundation and Graduate Foundation courses.
  • Breed-specific exercises and scenarios working at The Gundog Club's Grade 3 level and above.
  • Progression in more advanced directed retrieves, including blinds and memories, with the difficulty of the retrieves based on the level of the handler and dog.
  • More challenging retrieving scenarios, including obstacles and difficult terrain.
  • Water retrieves from in or over water.
  • Retriever-specific hunting and sweeping up at a more advanced level, including more challenging environments, including woodland, cover crops and farmland.
  • Progression in more advanced stop whistle.
  • Progression in heelwork building towards longer distances and more reliable duration.
  • Progression in wait/stays including building duration in the stop.
  • Isolation of cues
  • Content each month will include a mixture of…

Each Retriever group session will cover the above elements and may include one of the following main topics…

  • Retrieving in a variety of different environments
  • Heelwork and how to build reliability
  • Marked retrieve scenarios, including steadiness and multiple shot
  • Water work, including a variety of different scenarios - distance over water, blinds, and multiple retrieves
  • Retrieving out of flowing water (river)
  • Hunting with live game and retrieving cold game
  • Stop whistle, redirection and distance
  • Building chains of behaviour