Keeping pheasants for our live game training and shoot over days

Keeping pheasants for our live game training and shoot over days

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into rearing pheasants?

Join us on an insightful journey with Chris, our dedicated gamekeeper, as he meticulously cares for pheasants at the Clicker Gundog training shoot.

This video offers a unique glimpse into the daily responsibilities and nurturing techniques employed by Chris to ensure the wellbeing of these games birds, which are put down to help gundog handlers progress their advanced gundog training on our live game training and shoot over days.

Grab a brew (or a sloe gin), sit back, relax and dive into the world of gamekeeping, discover the passion and expertise behind the scenes at the Clicker Gundog training ground.

2023 Clicker Gundog Pheasant Diaries

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Live game training days

The best way to cement your hunting, pointing and retriever training before going on an actual shoot day is to practice everything you’ve learned on live and freshly shot game.

The birds you've seen in this video are reared for our small shoot and are just for training purposes. The group shoot over days are organised for handlers and their dogs looking to progress to the final stages of their training. All Guns are there for the benefit of the participants, who will also be taught about the etiquette, roles and responsibilities of game shooting in the UK.

If you would like to find out more, a complete list of dates and availability can be found here:

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