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Clicker Gundog

Beginner Gundog Evening Classes All Breeds with Lynsey

Beginner Gundog Evening Classes All Breeds with Lynsey

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Wednesdays, 6pm to 8pm
10th April 2024
17th April 2024
1st May 2024
8th May 2024
15th May 2024
22nd May 2024
29th May 2024
5th June 2024
12th June 2024 - optional assessment week

Clicker Gundog Training Centre, Charlton, Worcestershire, WR10 3LQ

This course is suitable for all breeds of gundog over 6 months old.

Come along and get to understand what makes your dog tick. Get to know their desires and motivations and have fun with your dog while understanding their needs. 

Our Beginner Gundog evening classes, led by Lynsey, are suitable for...

  • All breeds of dog (not just gundogs) or crossbreeds that have a desire for retrieving and hunting and are aged 6 months and over.
  • Anyone who is a complete beginner and has not done any gundog training before.
  • Handlers with experience of gundog work but without any clicker training experience.
  • Those wishing to work towards The Gundog Club Grade 1 and / or Grade 2.
  • Those looking to eventually work their gundog on a shoot (beating and picking up).
  • Pet gundogs whose owners feel they would benefit from doing some gundog training.
  • Owners who wish to let their labradors, spaniels, pointers and vizslas off lead safely in the countryside.

Our Beginner Gundog evening classes are held weekly.

Our classes will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm. The course is made up of 8 classes spread over 10 weeks, with an optional assessment week at the end.

Each week, the tasks will progress from the week before. To get the most from this course, you will need to attend all 8 classes. Group numbers are limited to 10 dogs and handlers.

The Beginner Gundog evening classes will include…

  • Basic retrieving
  • Reliable recall
  • Lead walking
  • How to settle in the countryside
  • Basic hunting for food and articles
  • How to manage impulsivity
  • How to build self-control.

At the end of the Beginner Gundog evening course, there will be an optional opportunity to take your Gundog Club Field Test.

The Gundog Club was formed to help all gundog owners enjoy their dogs through a structured and positive programme of gundog training.

Many Gundog Club students progress to working their dogs in the shooting field, and some go on to compete in working tests and field trials. Others are happy to have gained some control over their pet and to be able to enjoy a well-mannered, obedient dog. Most who pass through the Gundog Club's graded training scheme own gundogs that are, first and foremost, family pets.

The Gundog Club's Graded Training Scheme has been developed to help both those that want a competent working gundog, and those that just want to have fun with their pet. Each grade builds on the skills learnt at the previous grade in easy steps.

Students can measure their progress by entering a field test when they complete their training at each grade. These are non-competitive, and gundogs do not need pedigree papers to enter.

There are separate tests for each category of gundog. These include retrievers (e.g. labradors, golden retrievers, flatcoat retrievers, etc.), hunting retrievers (e.g. spaniels) and HPR (e.g. pointers, vizsla, weimaraners). 

If you would like to take your Grade One or Grade Two assessment, you will also need to pay the test fee of £38 for Grade One and £44 for Grade Two. You do not need to book these when you book the course. You are welcome to make a decision nearer the time.

Before you can enter a dog into the Grade One or Grade Two field tests, you will need to register with the Gundog Club separately. Registration costs £14.40 and is a one-off payment. Click here to go to their website: