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Clicker Gundog

Foundation for Gundogs All Breeds with Becky (1PM Start)

Foundation for Gundogs All Breeds with Becky (1PM Start)

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Sundays - 1pm to 4pm
Clicker Gundog Training Centre, Charlton, Worcestershire, WR10 3LQ

Book 3 Group Sessions for £200 (save £25).
Book 6 Group Sessions for £400 (save £50).
Book 9 Group Sessions for £600 (save £75).
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There is no pre-requisite to joining our foundation gundog group classes.

Our Foundation for Gundogs sessions, led by Becky, are suitable for...

  • Puppies and young dogs just starting on their gundog journey
  • Older dogs with no experience of gundog work
  • Handlers with no experience of clicker training
  • Pet gundogs whose handlers feel they would benefit from gundog work and also who wish to be able to take their dogs out safely in the countryside.
  • Those wishing to work towards The Gundog Club Grade 1
  • Those looking to compete in Puppy and/or Novice Dog/Novice Handler working tests.

Our Foundation for Gundogs classes are held monthly.

This gives you and your dog plenty of time to practice what you have learned in between sessions. The sessions are 3 hours long, so there is plenty covered.

Each month, the tasks will be set to the ability of the dogs and handlers in attendance. Group numbers are limited to 10 dogs and handlers.

This is a rolling course, there is no start or end date. If you are joining the course partway through the year, don't worry, our experienced teacher Becky will guide you and set the exercises to enable you and your dog to succeed.

Each month, the Foundation for Gundogs classes will include a mixture of…

  • Connection building
  • Establishing a reliable recall
  • Sit, and a how to teach the wait or stay
  • Loose lead walking, how to build some duration within this behaviour
  • The basic retrieve pattern
  • The importance of play with your gundog, including the principles of clicker training and building valuable rewards in play that can be used to add strength to other behaviours
  • How to settle in the countryside
  • Basic hunting for food or articles
  • Introduction to the basic targets e.g. place boards, go to target post and get it bowls
  • Introduction to steadiness and understanding how to manage impulsivity and build self control
  • Understanding the emotion that is behind the behaviour
  • Building a training plan
  • Plus much more.

Each Foundation for Gundogs session will cover the above elements and then include one of the following main topics…

  • Focus in the environment: the foundation for building a solid recall. Introduction to whistle recall.
  • Going for a bumble: How to go for a walk in the environment with your gundog and an introduction to the ‘this way’ whistle.
  • Loose lead walking: How to walk together on a lead, manage the environment and your expectations, understand the rewards and how to use them. Introduction to the ‘catch up’ game.
  • Targets: Introducing placeboards, go to targets and hand targets, their uses in gundog work, building a reliable stay/wait, and providing an outcome for the recall that doesn’t involve sitting.
  • Building a sit and wait/stay on the place board with a release cue. Extending the distance in loose lead walking and introducing the 'go sniff' cue.
  • Basic mark retrieves: Establishing the pattern, incorporating the use of targets including place board and hand target for delivery.
  • Introduction to water work: How to swim confidently, recall from water without shaking, and return to the water on cue.
  • Water retrieves: Introducing the marked retrieve to water and establishing a pattern.
  • Retrieves: Introducing memories and blinds. Incorporating the ‘go to’ target.
  • Steadiness: The ability to stay focused on a task or respond to cues while ignoring all the other triggers that are present, especially in the environment. Plus learning how to isolate your cues.
  • Stop whistle: Introduction to the stop whistle including the use of place boards and go to targets.
  • Basic hunting patterns: Introducing the turning whistle into the hunt, searching for hidden food or articles.

Can't make the 1pm start time? Click here for the same course starting at 9am.