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Clicker Gundog

Foundation Water Workshops with Lynsey

Foundation Water Workshops with Lynsey

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Sundays, 1pm - 4pm
Clicker Gundog Training Centre, Charlton, Worcestershire, WR10 3LQ

To gain the most from these workshops, your dog needs to be able to swim for a short distance. If your dog has not experienced water before, then please book a 121 with Lynsey to help you introduce water before booking.

You must also have attended part one, or have had a 121 with Lynsey, to attend part two and three.

This three-part workshop will look at how to build confidence in swimming and teach your gundog to retrieve from water.

Our foundation water workshops, led by Lynsey, are suitable for… 

  • All breeds of gundog, including retrievers, spaniels and HPRs
  • Dogs which have already been introduced to water, whose owners would like to build their confidence and ability to retrieve from and over water
  • Pet gundog owners who would like to teach their dog to enter water on cue and be steady around water
  • Those looking to participate in the Gundog Club Grade 3 field assessment, which includes a water element 
  • Those looking to work their dogs in the field
  • Those looking to participate in working tests

Our foundation water workshops will cover...

  • In part one, we will be looking at an introduction to water work. The session will focus on teaching your dog how to swim with confidence, how to recall from water without shaking, and how to enter the water on cue. We will also be introducing the marked retrieve to water and establishing a pattern, which eliminates the shake.
  • In part two, we will be progressing the water retrieve to include more distance, steadiness and difficulty. We will also be introducing shot into the exercises.
  • In part three, we will be progressing to over-water retrieves. Building confidence to swim across water and to return in the same direction. Shot will also be included in these exercises.