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Clicker Gundog

Foundations For Gundogs All Breeds Summer Camp 17th to 21st June 2024

Foundations For Gundogs All Breeds Summer Camp 17th to 21st June 2024

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Monday 9.30am to 4pm
Tuesday 10am to 4pm
Wednesday 10am to 1pm
Thursday 10am to 4pm*
Friday 10am to 1pm

Clicker Gundog Training Centre, Charlton, Worcestershire, WR10 3LQ

10% off when booking 2 full week-long training camps

There are no prerequisites to joining our foundation for gundog summer camp.

Payment plans are available, subject to a 5% admin fee. Please email for more information.
Campervan and camping facilities available on site. No hitch up.

This full week of training will help you get your foundation gundog training off to the best possible and will help you to further progress with your puppy, young dog or older dog that is new to gundog work.

Our Foundations For Gundogs Summer Camp, led by Lynsey, is suitable for...

  • All breeds of gundog, including retrievers, spaniels and HPRs
  • Young dogs just starting on their gundog journey
  • Older dogs with no experience of gundog work
  • Handlers with no experience who wish to learn about how to train their gundog
  • Pet gundogs whose handlers feel they would benefit from gundog work and also who wish to be able to take their dogs out safely in the countryside.

Our Foundations For Gundogs Summer Camp will cover topics including:

  • Learning how to hunt
  • Teaching the retrieve
  • Learning to manage arousal and impulse control
  • Exposure to and/or managing arousal with shot
  • Loose lead walking and heelwork
  • Recall training
  • Going for a Bumble in the countryside
  • There will be opportunities during the week to focus on swimming and retrieving from water,
  • You will also learn all about reinforcement strategies, play, how to teach and use targets.

The exercises will be set to meet the needs of the participants on the day. It will be a fun task-based programme of learning for you with your dog.

*On Thursday evening, there will be a group supper at a local pub. This is scheduled for 4.30 pm so we can leave straight from the training venue. This is a dog-friendly pub, and your dogs are welcome to sit with us in the restaurant area, or, if the weather permits, in the garden while we eat.