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Clicker Gundog

Hoopers Workshops with Sharon Edwards

Hoopers Workshops with Sharon Edwards

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Workshop timing: 1pm to 4pm
Lesson timings: 1pm to 3pm
Clicker Gundog Training Centre, Charlton, Worcestershire, WR10 3LQ

Suitable for all breeds, ages and abilities.

Our hoopers workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities, whether you want to try something new with your dog or add new tools to help progress your gundog training.

Hoopers is a popular and growing dog sport in which dog and handler teams work together to navigate a course consisting of hoops, barrels, tunnels, chutes, and tango mats.

Emphasis is placed on distance handling and effective communication so that the dog can successfully navigate the course.

Hoopers is a great way of building bonds, improving confidence and enabling you to work on core training in a fun way. Including off-lead connection, distance handling, directional cues and steadiness.

During this workshop, you will learn about hoopers and the equipment and training involved to get you started. Your dog will be introduced to all of the hoopers' equipment and some of the training involved to help you navigate a course together.

Our hoopers workshop is being hosted by Sharon Edwards.

Sharon has worked with dogs for over 30 years. Her career began in a rescue environment, which led her to complete a degree in Animal Science and Behaviour in 2002 to gain a greater understanding of the dogs she was working with. Following this Sharon spent 10 years teaching Animal Care & Training at Pershore College, during this time she also completed her teaching qualifications. Sharon now runs her own business Lakeside Dog Behaviour where she works with pet dog owners and specialises in helping them to understand their spaniels and providing outlets for natural behaviours. Sharon loves helping dog guardians to build positive relationships and to better understand their dogs' needs.

Sharon lives with her senior Labrador 'Willow', 'Sidney' who is a four-year-old springer spaniel and her newest arrival 'Walter' also a springer who has recently joined the family and is 5 months old.

Sharon enjoys gundog training with her own dogs and has attended Clicker Gundog with all of them over the years, including completing the Gundog Trainers Academy Teacher's Course. Sharon also trains, competes, and judges in hoopers, a fun dog sport which she feels helps to improve communication and teamwork and complements her gundog training perfectly.